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CoinShares Crypto ETPs

Step into the digital economy with the pioneer of crypto ETP

Listed on Nasdaq Stockholm, CoinShares is Europe’s largest crypto ETPs provider, allowing seamless & secure exposure to digital assets.

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A comprehensive crypto ETPs offer

CoinShares offers a wide range of crypto ETPs, with Physical ETPs 100% backed by physically-owned digital assets and CoinShares XBT Provider products, Europe’s very first crypto ETPs.

  • Physically backed by real crypto.
  • Assets in Komainu’s custody, benefitting from one of the industry’s most secure storage standards.
  • 15 products available - including physical staked and index ETPs.
  • Europe’s first Bitcoin & Ether ETPs, launched in 2015 & 2017.
  • Nordics’ top digital assets Exchange Traded Products
  • Available both in EUR & SEK.

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Convenient and secure access to the assets shaping the future. Get all the benefits of being exposed to crypto without the burden and risks of holding your assets in self-custody, or relying on under-regulated exchanges.

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