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CoinShares offers innovative and reliable products to investors seeking a convenient way to access a diverse range of digital assets, with uncompromised security.

Best-in-class, secure crypto investment products.

With CoinShares Physical ETPs, easily access all the benefits of investing in digital assets, with the protection of regulated investment products.

CoinShares Physical crypto ETPs

Gain exposure to multiple cryptocurrencies through CoinShares’ 100% physically backed ETPs.

CoinShares also offers another line of crypto ETPs dedicated to the Nordics.

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Frequently asked questions

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What is a Crypto ETP?

A crypto ETP (Exchange-Traded Product) is an investment product that tracks the price of one or several cryptocurrencies. It is a convenient, cost-efficient solution for investors looking to access crypto within a regulated framework. Crypto ETPs can be bought like stocks or bonds on investors' investment platforms. Learn more

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What are Physical Crypto ETPs?

Physical Crypto ETPs are a type of ETP that buy and hold the underlying asset they are designed to track in a custodian, in this case cryptocurrency. This means that investors can be assured that the value of the ETP is directly tied to the current market price of the underlying asset, without any synthetic or derivative instruments, and that a real amount of the digital asset linked to their investment is stored by a professional custodian. Learn more

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Is there physical crypto backing the ETP?

Yes, in the case of CoinShares Physical Crypto ETPs, there is physical crypto backing the ETP. For CoinShares Physical ETPs, the physical crypto is securely stored with Komainu, a specialised regulated digital asset custodian focusing exclusively on the safe storage of crypto assets. This allows investors to have exposure to the underlying crypto without having to buy and store it themselves in self custody.

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Where can I access CoinShares Physical Crypto ETPs?

You can access physical crypto ETPs in the exact same way you would access a stock or an ETF: through your regular broker. You can then incorporate them into your portfolio alongside your other investments. Looking for an investment platform for crypto ETPs? Discover the actors offering CoinShares ETPs and register on the most convenient one for you. Find a broker

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