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CoinShares XBT Provider is Europe’s first entity to offer investors easy exposure to Bitcoin and Ethereum without the burden and risks of self-custody.

What are CoinShares XBT Provider crypto ETPs?

CoinShares XBT Provider ETPs offer the benefits of exposure to cryptocurrencies without the need for investors to handle the assets themselves, reducing the burden and risks of self-custody. Launched in 2015, CoinShares XBT Provider remains the go-to choice for a majority of Nordic investors looking to gain exposure to Bitcoin and or Ethereum.

CoinShares XBT Provider ETPs

Gain exposure to Bitcoin and Ethereum through CoinShares XBT Provider ETPs, both available in SEK and EUR at your favourite investment platform.

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Key Risks

  • Investor's capital is at risk and investors may lose part or all of their investment.
  • This is a complex product. Any decision to invest should be based on the information contained in the prospectus.
  • CoinShares XBT Provider ETPs are structured as certificates, not as equity, and bear counterparty risk.
  • Our products trade on exchanges. They are bought or sold at market prices, which may differ from the net asset value of the ETP.

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Frequently asked questions

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What is XBT? Is it the same as BTC?

XBT is an abbreviation for Bitcoin - whether you see Bitcoin referred to as XBT or BTC, they point to the same cryptocurrency. The XBT ticker symbol is often used in the financial world to avoid potential confusion with other currencies that also use the “BTC" code in the markets.

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Is CoinShares XBT Provider only for Bitcoin?

CoinShares XBT Provider also offers ETPs providing exposure to Ethereum, the world’s second largest cryptocurrency. Investors can also purchase this ETP in either EUR or SEK.

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Where can I access CoinShares XBT Provider ETPs?

CoinShares XBT Provider ETPs can be traded on various traditional exchanges through your broker or investment platform, depending on your location and the specific product you want to trade. Find a broker

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